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At SignGig, our main focus is on servicing and supporting our own LED sign products from SparkLED.  However, depending upon your LED digital sign service issue, SignGig may be able to help you with your current LED digital sign problems. We will never be able to promise we can help with any system that is not our own, but we hope we can help and will certainly try! 

LED signs can display varying degrees of issues over a period of time.
Digital LED sign problems you may encounter could include:

LED screen connectivity issues
Too bright or dim of an LED screen
Repeated outages of your LED screen
Faulty controller problems
Bad power supplies
Outdated software systems
Damaged LED screen modules
Power cables or ribbon cables
Large color blocks displaying on your LED screen

 If you are having any of these issues with your current LED digital sign, even which include brand names such as Daktronics, Watchfire, Formetco or Stewart Signs, we may be able to help you with your current LED sign issue.

When contacting us, please have the following information for us:
the age of your LED sign, the brand name of your LED sign, the type of issues you are having in detail, as well as the control system you are using to connect to your LED digital sign. We may also request for you to send pictures of your issues to best assess your service related problems. 

Please give us a call or send us a contact form, we would love to speak with you!

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