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Our corporate office is located in Cobb County, Georgia in Marietta at the border of north Cobb and south Cherokee County.

We service all of Metro Atlanta and it’s surrounding areas.

Address: 825 Jamerson Road, Suite 102, Marietta, GA 30066

Completed Church Monument Sign With LED SignCompleted Church Monument Sign With LED Sign
LED Retrofit Facelift Monument Sign ACLED Retrofit Facelift Monument Sign AC
SM LED Monument Sign Upgrade FaceliftSM LED Monument Sign Upgrade Facelift

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Do you have questions about an LED Sign? We would love to answer any questions that you may have about adding an LED sign to your church, school or business. Most importantly, at SignGig, we build affordable high-quality LED signs and cut out the middle-man. We are uniquely situated in the LED sign world, since we build our LED signs right here in Marietta, GA.

A Modern Electronic Form of Communication

LED digital signs are an excellent, modern electronic format of communication for your church, school or business. An LED sign allows you a custom brand solution with which you can speak directly to your community to promote events, sales or service times. Think of an LED sign as a television station for your organization! Furthermore, with our full service, we can design an LED sign that best fits your organizations needs.

Full-Service or Self-Install LED Signs

We have excellent LED sign options for your church, school or business depending on your specific needs and budget. Our LED signs can be installed through our full-service solution. Furthermore, with our full service, we can design an LED sign that best fits your organizations needs.  Our LED signs can be installed on a monument or pedestal style sign. It is also very likely your existing sign structure can be repurposed and be retrofitted with an LED sign. And, as a matter of fact, you can install an LED sign yourself with our pre-built, ready to install LED displays using our own line of high quality LED products from SparkLED.

Which LED Sign Is Best For Your Organization?

When researching LED signs, you will find a vast amount of information regarding LED signs, which can leave you bewildered! If you are trying to compare various LED sign quotes from different sign companies, this will be difficult. Please contact us, so that we can help you! We would love to help answer your questions about an LED sign once and for all.
We look forward to hearing from you and would love to speak with you about your LED sign project!


With the ability to display service times, advertise functions as well as Bible verses, an LED sign reaches your community in a modern electronic format!


Connect with student and parents, announce school events, fundraisers, meetings and closures with a beautiful, fully customizable LED sign.


Our LED signs offer full-color, high-definition images, video, graphics and text capturing the attention of drive by customer engagement for your business.


SignGig accepts credit cards as well as ACH payments.

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