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Mountain View Church Old LED Screen

SignGig Signs Blog Project Spotlight: Mountain View Church
Slide the arrows on the below image from left to right for before and after the completed signage project.

Mountain View Church New Retrofit LED SignMountain View Church New Retrofit LED Sign

Our SignGig Signs Blog Project Spotlight for today is:
Mountain View Church
 in Marietta, Georgia

Mountain View Church in Marietta, Georgia had a very old single-color, large pixel pitch, LED sign which stopped allowing communication and could no longer be supported.

SignGig is excited the church contacted us about a new LED sign which will reach the growing community around them! SignGig was able to retrofit a new LED screen into their existing brick column monument structure. We were also able to update their name panel by removing the fluorescent tubing and replacing it with LED lighting.


The Church LED Digital Marquee:
Mountain View Church’s new LED digital screen is a 6mm pixel pitch resolution in a 3 foot by 6 foot double-sided configuration. This LED screen allows for more than lines of text because Mountain View Church can now display detailed pictures, video, graphics as well as text on the new LED digital sign.

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SignGig Signs Blog Project Spotlight: Grace Community Church
Slide the arrows on the below image from left to right for before and after the completed signage project.

LED Digital Signs Completed Sign Build With LED Screen Stone MonumentLED Digital Signs Completed Sign Build With LED Screen Stone Monument

Our SignGig Signs Blog Project Spotlight for today is:
Grace Community Church

SignGig has been very excited to work with Grace Community Church is located on Hickory Flat Highway in Cherokee County, GA. Formerly Atlanta Street Church in Historic Roswell, the congregation of Grace Community Church recently moved to Canton, GA.

Church Property:
This amazing church property allows for growth within the community and the congregation. The newly completed monument sign, which is located alongside traffic laden Hickory Flat Highway, provides outreach to the nearby community. At the same time, the church is able to communicate through a modern electronic format. The LED allows the church to easily display the many scheduled events, missions and outreach the church is involved in.

The church property itself is absolutely beautiful with a natural park like setting, creek, sports field and event venue. By incorporating natural elements of the church property and chapel facelift into the monument sign design, the newly completed  sign ultimately accentuates the entrance of the church property beautifully. The optional architectural design feature of the cross, along with an internally lit name and logo cabinet sign, completes the monument sign.


The Church LED Digital Sign:
The LED digital screen is a 6mm pixel pitch resolution in a 4 foot by 8 foot double-sided configuration. This LED screen allows for Grace Community Church to display detailed pictures, video, graphics as well as text on the LED digital sign.

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SignGig Signs Blog Spotlight: Frequently asked questions about buying an LED digital sign

SignGig Blog Frequently Asked Questions

Our SignGig Signs Blog Spotlight for today is:
Frequently asked questions about buying an LED digital sign

Scott, at SignGig, has been working with LED digital signs since 1999. Now, this was way back in the early wild, wild west days of LED screens, so he knows everything there is to know about the LED digital signage industry! We thought we would answer some frequently asked that may help you in your search for an LED digital sign!

What is an outdoor LED digital sign?
Outdoor LED digital signs, also have also had interchangeable names through the years such as: electronic messaging centers, JumboTrons, LED video displays, electronic reader boards, video walls, LED screens or simply as LED signs. LED signs have become a much more affordable signage option and have become popular with advertising in last decade. Churches, schools and businesses are now seeking signs with modern, changeable format that can effectively communicate with their community around them, and LED digital signs fill this need.
Simply put, an LED digital sign is an LED backlit flat visual display. At SignGig, we like to say: think of an LED digital sign as a sort of outdoor tv screen, with a 24 hour, 7 day per week commercial that you are in complete control of. An LED digital sign allows you to communicate your brand as you need to! Here is a link to
Wikipedia with more information.

What is the difference between outdoor LED signs and indoor LED signs?
There are outdoor LED digital signs and indoor LED digital signs. Outdoor LED signs are used by churches, schools and businesses within their roadside signage to display pictures, videos and graphics. Outdoor LED signs have a rating for use outdoors.
Indoor LED signs are frequently seen inside store windows, these LED signs do not have the rating or components for use outdoors.  These indoor LED signs typically display mostly text in red green, yellow or blue.

I have an existing sign, can it be refurbished?
If you have an existing monument sign with brick, stonework, or a changeable copy reader-board sign, it is very likely we can use your existing sign structure install an LED screen! If you send us an email, including the physical address of your signage structure, along with measurements of your existing sign, we can let you know pretty quickly if your existing sign can be refurbished with an LED screen (we may request pictures as well). Check out our galleries to see signs that we have refaced and upgraded with LED digital signs! Refurbishing or refacing an existing sign can also help you with your signage budget!

I found an LED sign for a great price online, what is the difference between your LED signs and those I find online?
Online shopping is such a great experience and has changed our modern lives, except for the fact sometimes you do not know exactly what you are purchasing! Many of the LED signs you will see for sale online are for the purpose of selling quantity over quality, and also selling to an uneducated customer. This is especially true with an LED digital sign. If you are looking for a professional outdoor LED sign for your church, school or business, online shopping at a website, like an auction site, is not the place to purchase it! Buyer beware when shopping online for an outdoor LED sign! The truth is that the LED signs you see for sale when shopping at online outlets for “such a great price” will actually be indoor style LED signs. These types of LED signs are not outdoor rated, let alone ‘professional quality’ outdoor LED signs. Many of the LED signs you will see for sale at online auctions, or the like, are only indoor rated and will not handle even the most normal outdoor elements…like rain or pollen!
The inner and outer workings of an LED digital sign can vary greatly in quality, and will affect the price of the LED sign. Everything about an LED digital sign from how you communicate with it, to the quality of the LED lamps, the seals, power supplies as well as ventilation, resolution (or pixel pitch ratio), screen size and even the internal wiring is all very important! All of our LED digital signs are outdoor professional quality, IP67 rated or greater, meaning they are outdoor rated and built to handle the outdoor elements. 
We understand there can be sticker shock with LED digital sign prices and that the prices you see at an online outlets and auction sites may be very appealing to you. When sticker shock happens, it is best for your organization to establish and create a good budget for a professional outdoor quality sign from a reputable LED digital sign company! We have had customers save up for a couple of years and come back to purchase their LED digital sign from SignGig!

What do the numbers mean when I am researching the purchase of an LED digital sign?
LED digital signs are spoken about in a language that an average person would not understand and can be confusing…this language is called “pixel pitch ratio”. What is “pixel pitch ratio”? The pixel pitch ratio or the screen resolution is in millimeters. This ratio of the screen affects the quality of the images and media which are displayed on the LED screen, but this number also affects the price of the LED screen itself. Technically speaking, the pixel pitch ratio is the distance between two LED pixels, measured in millimeters. The lower the pixel pitch ratio number, the closer together the LED lamps are. This means there are more LED lamps in a 6mm pixel pitch than a 10mm pixel pitch within a same size screen. A screen with more LED lamps will create a better image on the screen. At SignGig, we offer 6mm, 8mm and 10mm pixel pitch resolution LED screens. 10mm pixel pitch ratio is currently being phased out of our product line-up. A 6mm pixel pitch resolution will offer you the best viewing of images, graphics and video to be displayed on your LED screen. We call our 6mm a ‘high-resolution’ LED screen and this is the most popular pixel pitch ratio with SignGig customers!

What sizes do LED digital signs come in?
LED digital signs can come in many various sizes, however at SignGig, our most popular sizes of LED signs for church, school and business are 3′ x 6′ and 4′ x 8′. These sizes of LED screens are based upon the parts used to build our LED signs along with basic sign ordinances within cities and counties. However, we can build many various sizes of LED digital signs including 3′ x 9′, 3′ x 12′, 6′ x 6′, 6′ x 12′, 4′ x 4′, 8′ x 8′, 12′ x 12′! Video walls, such as inside event venues or church worship centers as well as LED digital billboards will have much larger LED screens. If you are searching for a digital video wall or digital billboard, we would love to speak with you too! 

How do you add content onto an LED digital sign?
At SignGig, we have an amazing communication software for our LED digital signs. The content for an LED sign has two sides or functions in order to be displayed onto an LED digital sign. 1) the creation side and 2) the scheduling side. The creation side of content is usually someone who is creative and has the ability to create the content for the LED sign. This creative person may know how to use software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw or even Paint. Our LED digital signs accept common file types such as .jpg, .png and .mp4 files.
The scheduling side of content is someone who will take the created content files and send that created content to the LED sign and schedule it within the software. These two functions can be completed by the same person, or more than one person working together. The content you create will be sent and scheduled through our communication software to the LED sign within its own WiFi. Our LED signs have their own WiFi and we offer various ways for you to communicate with the LED sign, depending upon your needs! When you purchase an LED digital sign at SignGig, we will train you on how to add content and schedule it on your LED sign as well as cover some basic best practices for content creation!

We’ve covered a good bit of territory here regarding many FAQ’s about LED digital signs and know you still may have questions regarding a SignGig LED sign for your church, school or business. Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!


SignGig Blog Module Pixel Pitch Example

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