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6mm LED Digital Signs

The 6mm outdoor fixed installation LED digital display is our most common LED screen. 6mm allows you to display beautiful details as well as the highest quality content, including detailed pictures, finer graphics and videos on your LED signage. This is an excellent pixel pitch for 3′ x 6′ sized and larger LED screens to display in high resolution details.

6mm 3' x 6' LED Sign

6mm 6.3' x 9.45' LED Sign

6mm 4' x 8' LED Sign

8mm LED Digital Signs

The 8mm fixed installation is a more budget friendly option than the 6mm; a quality middle of the road option for 3′ x 6′ sized screens and larger LED screens. 8mm allows for quality content, including pictures, graphics and videos in medium resolution.

8mm 4' x 8' LED Sign

8mm 4' x 8' Retail LED

8mm 3' x 6' LED Sign

10mm LED Digital Signs

The 10mm is our standard option and offers an all around great product for 4′ x 8′ sized LED displays and larger. This is our most budget friendly outdoor fixed installation option which allows for lesser detailed pictures, graphics and video.

10mm 4' x 8' LED Sign

10mm 4' x 8' LED Sign

10mm 2.46' x 13. 2' LED Sign

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